Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ismael Serrano

I can't really remember when was the first time that i heard this singer but the thing I will never forget is that feeling,
that weird feeling who got me nervous and happy at the same time. He is Ismael Serrano. His songs really gets me... 
I can understand what he try to say .. 
lyrics are really beautiful,,, In agost I when to a concert with my girlfriend and both enjoy so much listening music
together, and we learned in that concert that he has a song talking about Chile, about "la moneda" "victor jara" and "te recuerdo amanda", 
another reason to hear his music . Every song, his voice makes me admire this men.


  1. It's August, not Agost (: I know you love it, last night I realized it very well hahahahaha. Love u friend

  2. envy
    but this year I if or if the concert

    I love my friend