Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The first party of my life

I don`t remember so much about my Fiesta mechona. It wasn`t  a good moment for me.  First, I went with my friends Diego, Miguel and eight ball, to celebrate the birthday of one of my best friends, Alfie. That was at 4:00 pm.  That was a very nice moment, we drunk beer, we talked about the life, we listen music and everything was really good, a happy moment. Then we leaved Alfie`s apartment, and we arrived to the Carrete Mechon in Barrio Bellavista.
My best friends and I, were responsible for the alcohol of the party, we had a very important mission. We worked in that until 1.30 am, and then I can`t tell everything that happened in that place.
The only thing I can say is that I danced a little bit, that I knew some new people, and nothing else. Something happened that made my party  weird. A disgusting incident.
 I Hope that another better thing came very soon.


  1. hey old man! Although you tell me Eight Ball, you're a good friend.

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  3. Eber (old man), my dear friend. Never again bullyng against you. You are the best person in the world, try to be a best friend. I miss you.

    P.D.: the color of your blog and your writing is effeminate

  4. what happened in that party?? appart from the paco's visit? ...
    the verbs!!! what is the real past of leave??? it's an irregular verb.
    Arrive AT or IN, never TO.